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Hello Readers and fellow bloggers, I know it's been some time. Welcome back.

I have something really special to blog about today. A friend and an amazing business woman's shop. It's called IndieGurrl Cosmetics.

She sells all kinds of items from Blushes and Bronzers to Lip glosses and Face Moisturizers. Not only is everything fairly priced, but the sizes are very generous. You really get alot of product for your money. She also likes to throw in free samples of items coming out, giving the customer new items to try or share with a friend.

My personal favorite item is her Powder Foundation/Finishing Veil called "You Glow Gurrl Perfecting Powder - in Sweet Cream"

How to apply:
I usually start with a liquid foundation, apply it all over my face and then lightly dust my face with You Glow Gurrl, or if there are days where I don't feel like applying my makeup, but I want something on my face I will just lightly apply some all over. It gives it a soft and even toned look.

Now if Sweet Cream isn't dark enough for you, I recommend buying

"You Glow Gurrl Perfecting Powder in Caramel" for Medium toned skin or

"You Glow Gurrl Perfecting Powder in Hot Cocoa" for Darker toned skin.

Right now she has a sale going on, $1 samples and if you buy 5 you get a free sample. Now that's not all, it's also free shipping. So what's not a better reason to go and check her out, tell your friends and place an order. I personally love samples so I can sort of get a feel for what the seller's products are like. I bought 1 sample of everything, that way I know what to buy on my next order. :)

You can either check her out on Facebook:
You can check her shop out on Etsy:

Also she has a fanpage on Facebook, make sure you stop by and like it for updates, new items and contests and giveaways.

Now, as you know with all of my review-ies I like to do a little Q&A for you to get a little sense from who you are buying, this is what Chrissie had to say:

What is the link and name for your shop/Etsy account:

Could you please explain a little about yourself and include any messages you would like to add?:
My name is Chrissie :) I am a full time student and a mom of 2 kids. I grew up watching my mom do her makeup, and I picked up on it pretty quick. Over the years I have developed an obsession with all things beauty. When I turned 20 years old, my face started flipping out on me and I spent 5 years searching for products that would help my skin stay clear. After playing around, indiegurrl cosmetics was born! So here I am, creating products for other people who have struggled with my same situations... I plan on changing lives one face at a time <3

How long have you been in business for? :
4 months!

What type of products do you sell? :
I have perfecting powder, bronzers, blushes, lip gloss, face wash, and body/face mud :)

Compared to other sellers, what do you think personally makes you stand out? :
My entire goal is to create products that not only make you look beautiful but make you *feel* beautiful. Sure, you can throw on a face full of makeup, but after that makeup comes off, do you still feel gorgeous? This is my main goal... I want to help your skin be the best in the world. This is where I differ from any other company.

When did you first realize you wanted to sell products? :
I had played with the idea last summer because I saw so many people were making eye pigments. After being burned by another independent cosmetics company, I figured it was time to make my own cosmetics. But, I didn't want to hop the train and make eye colors. Where was a shop that catered to my hormonal face? I found some with wash, some with scrub, some with powders, some with acne remedies... but I did not see one shop that has it all. So I decided to be THAT store. I started out with simple, all vegan face wash and it took off from there. From the moment I heard raving reviews about my face wash, I decided that this really was what I wanted to do.

How did you first get started? And was it an easy start or difficult? :
I did research for at least 6 months, bookmarked sites, and when my student loan money came in I invested $600 into supplies, labels, containers, sanitary items, organizational items, etc and when my items got to my house, I started in on experimenting with different combinations of minerals to create the perfect powders and formulations. It was surprisingly easy, but that's partly due to me being shut in the office for hours on end, becoming absorbed into my one true love: makeup!

What advice would you offer to a seller who is looking to or just getting started? :
It aint cheap, honey! You must make sure all loose ends are tied up before you go opening a shop. I made the mistake of trying to make my own labels and it turned into a disaster. I ended up going through Goathead Co. for my label needs... and it delayed product shipment. I love my labels now and this is one thing I will never forget to reorder. Also, presentation is everything. Adding a small touch, like colored bubble wrap, ribbon, or a hand written note makes all the difference in the world.

What is the best thing about your fans? :
The best thing about my fans is that they are all my friends. I feel like I don't have to hold anything back when I communicate with them. If I am having an issue, I don't hesitate to lay it out. "Hey, I have the shits, I can't get your package out til tomorrow".... I don't make excuses for my mistakes. I can be upfront and tell the truth and my girls take me as I am.... even with my flaws haha

What would you say if you could say one thing personally to your fans? :
If I won the lottery I would fly all my fans out to my neck of the woods and have them come in and create custom colors! Dude, that would be so awesome.... giving my girls exactly what they want... but sadly I doubt that will happen so I have to try and do that all by my lonesome.

Could you tell us what is in store for your shop in the near future? Do you have any sales or specials coming soon? :
Every Friday I change up the Color of the Week and knock a few bucks off one of the products. I am CONSTANTLY giving things away. You would think this girl would be run into the poor house with all the giveaways but I can't help it: I love sharing! I list coupons codes and specials a lot on the Facebook fan page, so go fan it to get in on all the action! In the future I will be doing twistable primer pencils, lip stain, tattoo salve, eyebrow powder kit.... aaahhh the list goes on and on!


I just want to personally take the time to Thank Chrissie and IndieGurrl Cosmetics for takingthe time to answer these questions and also for doing me the pleasure of having them on the blog. My only hope is that with this review you will spread the word, take a look at her shop and help her grow her business as a seller. I really hope you ladies enjoyed everything, and I'm sure Chrissie will be excited to see your orders. :) Thank you all, Have a great night

Love Always, Obsessive Compulsive Blogger. <3

(Would you ever buy from IndieGurrl Cosmetics again? : Yes, I would!)
(Would you recommend them to your friends?: I would!!)
(How do you rate you overall expirence?: 15/10)

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