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Hello Readers, Welcome back!

Today I want to talk to you about a brand new indie makeup company called "Unique Pigments" ran by my friend Zhen.
Slowly over the past few months she has expanded the size of her shop and has alot to offer for you buyers out there.

Being a new seller, I always like to get a sample package sent first to sort of "Test" of the makeup. Everything that I recieved not only came packaged neatly and pretty freakin' adorable, but was professional and really a great product to use.

I slowly over the months have placed a few orders. Everything getting better each time I recieved it. She has a great sense of what she is doing, and a great sense of what customers are looking for packaging wise and product wise.

I ordered for my review samples (Which come in clamshells) of her newest collections "Spring Fling" and "My Little Pony." I have to say I was stunned with how these colors popped. I did some swatches so you could see what the colors turned out like. I have to say these are probably my new 2 favorite collections. Spring Fling being Matte for those days you don't feel like a lot of sparkle and My Little Pony, really popping out with glitz and glam. Makeup I'd use for a night out or a special occasion. It's nice to have versatility. Also, not to mention I love how easily the colors apply, it's like smooth butter.... effortless. I really love mineral makeup that you don't need to build up to apply.

All swatches are applied WET for a foiled look:

Now, as you know with all of my review-ies I like to do a little Q&A for you to get a little sense from who you are buying, this is what Zhen had to say:

What is the link and name for your shop/Etsy account:

Could you please explain a little about yourself and include any messages you would like to add?: I consider my makeup business a self sustaining hobby & would like to keep it that way. I'm not looking to make it big or get rich, just share my creations with friends & fans enough to help finance exciting new items! How long have you been in business for? :
3 months

What type of products do you sell? :
Loose mineral eyeshadow.

When did you first realize you wanted to sell products? :
December of 2010.

How did you first get started? And was it an easy start or difficult? :
I began making my own eyeshadow in october of 2010. My eyes had become very sensitive & I decided it would be best if I made my own so I knew exactly what was going on my face. I love sharing my makeup looks & friends became interested in what I was making so I began sharing with them & it just kind of went from there!

What advice would you offer to a seller who is looking to or just getting started? :
Research! Lots of it. I spent months reading and researching before even starting playing with my own recipes & formulas. Also, make sure to save up at LEAST $500 to get started.

What is the best thing about your fans? :
Just one thing?! Not sure I could pick just one thing... My fans are incredibly sweet, incredibly talented & very beautiful. And they are always so excited when I do new colors, keeps me passionate about what I do!

What would you say if you could say one thing personally to your fans? :
THANK YOU!! You guys keep me inspired and keep me strong!

Could you tell us what is in store for your shop in the near future? Do you have any sales or specials coming soon?:
We have our website launching this month!! New collections are in the works as well as Mineral Makeup Starter Kits!They will include 4 shades of your choice, 3 brushes, a base, a compact mirror all in a pretty satchel perfect forgift giving or getting started with loose mineral makeup!


I just want to personally take the time to Thank Zhen and Unique Pigments for taking the time to answer these questions and also for doing me the pleasure of having them on the blog. My only hope is that with this review you will spread the word, take a look at her shop and help her grow her business as a seller. I really hope you ladies enjoyed everything, and I'm sure Zhen will be excited to see your orders. :) Thank you all, Have a great night

Love Always, Obsessive Compulsive Blogger. <3

(Would you ever buy from Unique Pigments again? : Yes, I would!)
(Would you recommend them to your friends?: I would!!)
(How do you rate you overall expirence?: 10/10)

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