Hello Readers, I come to you again with another Cosmetic Blog Review.

As some of you may know I am involved in a group called MMUL Part Duex. (Mineral Makeup Lovers) A non-judging group of women who share stories and the love for different cosmetic companies. Through there I came across a Mineral Makeup company by the name of Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. Ordered a sampler packet and here we go:

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is a pretty amazing mineral makeup website with some awesome and vibrant colors. First thought after I checked out their website was, I can't believe how unique the packaging is. All the cosmetic jars come with a hand drawn image label specifically for that pigment. And the drawings are very well done. The labels just make the pigments that much more appealing.
Another thing I really liked was the fact that they decided to go with a cosmetic jar that you don't really see to often, kind of giving it a personal type of look.

Now after reading and looking at all of the beautiful pigments and the names, I made a list of possible colors I was interested in by color. I then proceeded to email the seller via Etsy. I got a very quick and kind response. This is something I really enjoy when I buy over Etsy. Many of us know that we want to make the best choices and the most affordable, so to have the customer work with you is pretty awesome. :)

Scaredy Cat has some pretty amazing sales, which I took advantage of when I did my blogger order. 10 sample size pigments for $10 plus shipping or 5 Sample pigments for $5 plus shipping. And a 3g pot is only $5 plus shipping. These are all super great deals! I went with the 10 for $10 so I could get a variety of choices to fully review. I ended up picking 1 color from each color category listed.

So, I put my order in on March 2nd, 2011 and within a few days ( March 5th ; 3 days ) my order had already arrived to my house. Most mineral makeup sellers have a turn around time of 5-8 days. So I was pretty excited about this. Everything came packaged and labeled nice and neatly and packed so that the product would not get damaged on the trip here. I really appreciate when sellers take the time to package safely, but also package in a personal way. It shows a lot about you as a seller.

Moving on to samples, these come in roughly 2g vials filled to the brim. Most of the time when I get samples from companies they send you not even 1g of pigment, loose in a baggy. These vials had a logo sticker on them, names of the pigments as well as a plastic stopper making sure it stays in place during travel. I was quite pleased with my samples. The only thing I would suggest is instead of vials maybe try clamshells or smaller pots. The vials make it hard to get the pigments out of, they are messy and make it unable to dip a brush in them. I ended up re-potting mine, but either way I am still pleased.

Now moving on to the 3g pots, I was even more amazed in person. These very cute 3d jars labeled perfectly with a name sticker on the bottom and an awesome custom made pigment label. It's very neat looking at all the different designs and it sort of gives it a personal touch. I personally would love to own the entire 3g pot collection even if there are colors I don't wear, just to have a neat little collection of custom made pictures.

After I got my pigments I decided to do swatches to see how well the pigments show up, how well they stay on and the overall coverage of the pigments when applied. I was quite satisfied with the results. All pigments go on smoothly with effortless application. Stay on with no smudging or fallout of glitters. All pigments were applied over Madd Style Cosmetics Foiling Serum Awesome Sauce which can be found here:

First picture of swatches:

Swatches and names:

As a reviewer I always like to get a little Q&A from the seller, so that you the customers can really get to know them more on a personal basis, here's what Scaredy Cat had to say:

What is the link and name for your shop/easy account:

Could you please explain a little about yourself and include any messages you would like to add?:
My name is Kelly. I'm a graphic designer, an artist, and a crafts-woman. I'm 29, married and have a beautiful daughter and we live on the outskirts of the Kansas City area.

How long have you been in business for? :
We opened up in October 2010.

What type of products do you sell? :
Right now I offer natural pigment eyeshadows. I have a long list of new natural cosmetics in the works that will be introduced over the next year.

Compared to other sellers, what do you think personally makes you stand out? :
I take a very concept oriented approach to colors. I approach each color as an individual element and develop it based on it's distinct qualities. It may be wanting to capture the essence of an enchanted forest or butterfly wing and I create the color and packaging to reflect that.

When did you first realize you wanted to sell products? :
As a child, my best friend's family owned their own business. I loved the way they all worked together to make the business work. As I grew into my own as an artist and crafts-woman that way of life seemed so.... perfect.

How did you first get started? And was it an easy start or difficult? :
It was very difficult. After graduating from college my internship was terminated early and my husband was laid off. The economy had negatively affected so many of my friends and family that I wanted to do something that would not only provide for my family, but also allow me to grow it and create jobs for others. Of course starting a business in a down economy is also very tricky, but I kept at it and eventually got some financial backing and we've been growing ever since.

What advice would you offer to a seller who is looking to or just getting started? :
Don't give up! Getting started can be hard and you're likely to run into people that turn you down or don't believe you can do it. Forget those people. Be centered in yourself, know exactly what you want to do and you can make it happen.

What is the best thing about your fans? :
My fans are amazing. Every time I see a post about how they got a compliment on their eyeshadow, or how much they enjoy a color it picks me right up. They make everything worth while.

What would you say if you could say one thing personally to your fans? :
THANK YOU! You guys have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. You guys rock!

Could you tell us what is in store for your shop in the near future? Do you have any sales or specials coming soon? :
There's so much in store right now. I'm waiting on some financing to go through for some really great pressed powder containers. I've also been prototyping some nail decals that are really cute. And of course I'll keep the new pigment colors coming.

I'd just like to say:
Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate you taking the time. I just want to say as a fan “Thank You, and I wish you all of the luck in the world.”

VERY happy customer. :) <3 Job well done.

I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope this steers you in the right direction of an amazing little shop to order from. And Thank you to Scaredy Cat Cosmetics for the time and effort put into this blog review, I appreciate it. Have a great day to all my readers! Hope you come back soon.<3

Love Always, Obsessive Compulsive Blogger. <3 :)

(Would you ever buy from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics again? : Yes, I would and I did!)
(Would you recommend them to your friends?: I would!!)
(How do you rate you overall expirence?: 9.5/10)

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